Alison Haislip by Eric Blackmon


To the North American audience, she has given four years on the tech and pop culture show Attack Of The Show and flashed her V during the first season of The Voice. To the internet audience, she has given memorable moments like the Nerdist YouTube show 4 Points (with Alex Albrecht), probably the only Jedi with an 80s perm ever (in Saber III – Revenge Of The Threesome), a sexy Darth Vader and Dark Side cheerlader in the Team Unicorn music video parody All About That Base, and Betty “Dead Eyes” Capozzi on TableTop. With the one-year project @AliMinus20, she has given us what might be the best use of Twitter yet. Then, of course, there are acting roles, like on Battleground, Hulu’s first original scripted show. Actress, host, presenter, gamer, certified geek and all-round cool chick – it’s Jersey girl Alison Haislip…

► Alison Haislip – any middle names?
Yes. Fesq.

► I’m sorry, can you say that again?
(laughs) Fesq. It sounds like it is spelled F-E-S-K, but it is spelled F-E-S-Q.

► I admit, I read that online. But I thought it was a joke. In this issue alone, we have an Ali, an Alli and an Alison. Fesq, however? Never heard of that name in my life.
That could be because it isn’t a first name. It’s actually my mom’s last name. I believe it is French.

► Got it. But I think ‘I am what the 11th Doctor was really talking about’ makes for a much better explanation. Not ‘fezzes are cool’…
Fesqs are cool! Hah. I like it.

► You are a Doctor Who fan, right? Maybe even a full-on Whovian?
Well, I started watching with the reboot, with Chris Eccleston as the Doctor. So I’m not one of those who knows all the Doctors. I haven’t gone back and watched the old episodes. I would like to say I’m a Whovian, but I’m sure there are people out there who are much more Whovian than I am. But I do watch every episode.

► The inevitable question then: Who is your favourite Doctor?
My favourite Doctor is Tennant.

► Correct answer.
What? I didn’t realise this was a test.

► It is now. Favourite companion?

► Wrong answer.

► Well, maybe not ‘wrong’. But I never got why people like her.
My second choice is always Donna…

► No, I understand that even less.
Why is that?

► I always found Catherine Tate’s portrayal of the character extremely annoying.
Really? I just love that Donna was an equal to the Doctor – as opposed to the ‘younger girl’ companion. They seemed like genuine best buds. Also, I found her to be the most tragic of the companions, because she doesn’t get to remember any of her adventures. She has such an epic time and she saves the universe. And for all she did she gets her memory wiped.

I’m under no disillusion that they would ever make the Doctor an American.

► How about this much-discussed hot topic: A female Doctor – would you be all for it or is it a ‘no thanks’? And I’m not asking Alison Haislip the actress who might like to have that gig one day…
Hah! Look, I’m under no disillusion that they would ever make the Doctor an American. But let’s see. I’d rather see a ginger Doctor than a woman Doctor, because he always wants to be a ginger. But I would never be opposed to seeing a female Doctor. I think that would be a really interesting dynamic. Then the next question is: Would the companion still be a woman or would it be a guy?

► Would the companion still be a woman or would it be a guy?
I feel that the easy answer is that they would make it a guy. However, it would be more interesting if they kept the companion as a woman. Although, does it then basically become Thelma & Louise in Space?

► It could still be the always implied romantic relationship between the Doctor and the companion. Although, who am I kidding? It’s still the BBC. They are not that progressive.
They have that one same sex couple. The reptilian detective woman and her wife.

► But those are…
Ancillary characters only? Maybe you’re right.

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