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Good hello everyone – this somewhat quirky greeting has been around YouTube for a few years and you can even buy it on a t-shirt now. The person responsible for this phrase in hundreds of videos: Alli Speed. Between 1 May 2009 and 6 April 2014 she documented her life in daily vlogs with her then-partner. That’s 1,802 videos/ days. On 12 August 2013 the record for “most consecutive daily personal videos posted on YouTube” was certified by Guinness World Records, with 1,565 days at the time. While the daily vlogging is in her past now, Alli Speed’s YouTube story and her positive spirit continue on her personal channel with her own mix of travel vlogs, lifestyle tips and (drunk) gaming. And although her story is about as ‘new media’ as it gets, it is also as human and as personal as it can be.

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