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Originally, the following interview was planned for issue no.2 of XCENTS (which you can download for free here). It didn’t quite work out in time for the release of the issue, but since Kate McGill just released the EP Dual with her band Meadowlark, it would be a waste to make you wait for this until issue no.3. So here it is, as XCENTS’ first web exclusive: It’s Kate McGill of Meadowlark.
And if you’re now wondering ‘Kate McWho?‘, you’re in good company. For a while, Kate was ‘the girl who sang not just another fucking Hallelujah‘ to me, after I had seen her cover video of the Leonard Cohen song but had forgotten her name. Then ‘the girl who…‘ popped up in a video of a certain Mr. ortoPilot (and subsequently several more), which put a name to the face and voice again. Now I know her as Kate McGill, Kate from Meadowlark, a girl who used to be a successful cover artist on YouTube in her own right, and who walked away from exactly that…

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