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Every single interview in XCENTS is special in its own way. That means, none is more special than the others. But some are more personal. Like when you, once again, interview the person you have interviewed more than any other. Here, it is hip hop legend Speech of Arrested Development. But even before our first meeting – 2004, in the upstairs/backstage room of a small jazz club – this man had already had an impact on my life. It all started with one song on a hip hop compilation – the sociocritical track Mr. Wendal. Already not your run-of-the-mill rap song. Then followed an MTV Unplugged gig that was nothing short of a musical awakening for the 13-year-old version of me. 20 years later, we sit down once more, for our most personal interview yet. And by pure chance, he is getting ready to release something that could turn out to be very interesting for the XCENTS crowd.

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