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There are still people (read: idiots) who think girls can’t be geeks. Of course anyone with half a working brain knows how wrong that notion is. But in case you need proof, we give you Tiffany Smith. She has worked for Marvel, is the host of DC Comics’ YouTube show All Access (with Jason Inman), has her own Star Wars-themed podcast, used to host the comic book review series Stacked on the Schmoes Know YouTube channel, and she probably owns more comic books and more geek-themed clothes than you ever will. In other words, Tiffany Smith isn’t just a geek, she has turned being a geek into her profession. And she is an independent content creator. More than enough reasons for a talk with XCENTS. And of course one does not simply get a Tiffany Smith started on nerdy topics without things getting out of hand pretty soon…

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